Tracking Samples, Accelerating Results

Offering a flexible solution to meeting the need to provide electronic results.

Long-term results storage

Documents held in the cloud

Produce reports on-demand

Where is LabCom used?


A contract analytical laboratory will use LabCom to book-in samples and track them round the Laboratory. interim or final results can be entered as the occur. UKAS accredited certificates can be generated and supplied to the client.


Water Compliance

A water compliance company can issue field engineers with tablets to run the Field Data Collection app to enter details of samples they have taken. These samples get sent to a laboratory who will enter the results when they are processed. internal and external users can be automatically notified of out-of-spec results. Comments and recommendations can be automatically generated and added to reports alongside green, amber, red states of tests. End customers can view their results and recommendations.


Food Manufacture


LabCom Core

This is essential for all users it allows for samples and their results to be stored securely in the cloud. This information is acessable from anywhere using the basic windows or web based application.

LabCom FDC

Field Data Collection allowing engineers to collect samples and their associated data quickly and easily. if no signal is available then data is synchronised as soon as it is possible. No more admin staff re-typing paper copies.

LabCom OOS

Thresholds can be put in place so that it is known that results are Out-Of-Specification. These are identified visually, by colour, in LabCom. The state can be displayed on reports and personnel can be notified as soon as a sample goes out-of-specification

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