This page provides the resources and instructions to set up LabCom. If you have any problems installing or accessing the system please don't hesitate to get in touch. On occasion, users (particularly in larger companies) need their IT department to be involved. Please get them to phone us and we can sort out any details with them.



Latest LabCom Core Version 4

Download LabCom 4.0

Version 4.0 should run fine in parallel with older versions for those users that have it installed, though it does supersede those versions.  It will appear on the start menu as LabCom 4.0 and will also create a desktop icon with the same label. You can optionally uninstall older versions using the 'Programs and Features' Control Panel item in Windows.

It may require administrator access to install this version.



LabCom Core Version 3.x.x

Download LabCom 3

LabCom 3 uses 'ClickOnce install', so it no longer requires administrator rights (as long as you have the prerequisites). The installer will prompt you to upgrade if any updates have been released.

New users may require their IT department to adjust the firewall (see below), and install the prerequsites.

Prerequisites for LabCom 3

Beta Version

The Beta version of Labcom has the latest bug fixes and features, but has not been fully tested in the field. This installs a second version of LabCom (so you can have the current version and the beta version on the same PC). You can download LabCom Beta

Version 2.x

Many users are still using version 2.3.92, the last 2.x release. We recommend updating to the latest version and we no longer support Version 2.x. Download LabCom 2.3.92

You must be an Administrator of the computer to install LabCom 2.x. Some users will need their IT department to install LabCom on their behalf.

Prerequisites for LabCom 2:

Logging In

Configure LabCom

server:, database: sampletrack_demo

Real users should use the usernames or passwords that they have been given, or apply to Village Software for additional users to be set up.

User Setup

Support at Village Software will need to establish an account username and password to allow access to your organisation's data.

Either the laboratory or organisation sending the samples will be paying the cost of using LabCom; please see our Pricing page.


LabCom maintains an outgoing connection to a Microsoft SQL Server. Often this isn't a problem, but in strict security environments, IT staff will need to open port 1433. Microsoft have an article about TCP Ports Needed for Communication to SQL Server Through a Firewall.

Please contact our support staff for further advice.